Feed your future

NUTRAPIG seizes the opportunity to assess and interpret health and nutritional needs of animals based on their genetics, season, structures, disciplines and food availability.

It is a project born from the continuity of Tueri Line, from attention oriented to animal health and welfare to responsible use of the medicine.

UVL offers a food health consulting service for the evaluation of supplements and cores customized to the specific needs of the breeder.

The step-by-step guide about health food much closer to nutraceutical than to the simple and banal basic nutrition, determines a new resource for the breeder and the profitability of the farm.

With NUTRAPIG, UVL brings together a team of food professionals and veterinarians, organised to carry out the objective of feeding the animals in the best way at every stage to achieve the best health, yield and conversion results.

The project uses the combination of key ingredients that provide numerous benefits for the overall welfare of the animals.

The efficiency of digestion, the stability of the intestinal microbiota and the microbiome, promotes a better assimilation of nutrients and a greater efficiency of the animal’s immune system and resistance to diseases.

The Nutrapig product line boasts modern supplement formulas, narrow and enlarged nuclei, with the knowledge and use of probiotics, symbiotics and combined phytotherapeutics.

The whole line is available in bags of 25 kg, big bags of 500 kg, big bags of 1000 kg and bulk for enlarged cores.

UVL’s ambition is to make every meal at all stages something special, to win the honours of the results on the field.