UVL was founded in 1977 by the will of a group of businessmen and researchers united by the vision of a modern zootechnics, respectful of animals, the consumer and the man’s work. From here began a long journey of research in the sector of yeasts and their derivatives which has led UVL to be today a leader in the field of nutrition and, in particular, probiosis.


Continuously improve (thanks to training and technical-scientific innovation, and to a research and experimentation center) the production and distribution models of zootechnical foods produced and marketed; guarantee both the efficiency and economic marginality of breedings, and food safety (animal health and consequently public health) – through an excellent organoleptic quality of our food supplies.


Our goal is to become your daily partner with the best personalized nutritional solutions for the development (welfare and production performance) and sustainability (understood as a model of economic, social and environmental development) of your breeding (from income).

Profit deriving from improved performance. Improvement of health and longevity, productive and reproductive efficiency

Animal welfare contributes to food safety (NO antibiotics) and therefore to human health..

Easy availability of raw materials. Reduction of methane emissions (greater energy efficiency of nutrition).


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